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Did you know that the Real You has access
to the energy of the universe and
the powerful resources of the cosmos?

Once you recognize that you are spirit and are not bound by the
experience of time and space your spirit is then free to express itself in
its highest form and to experience its oneness with God at all times.

Nothing can separate you from this loving union with the Creator.

Once you grasp this truth the experience of your reality shifts completely.
You then perceive your circumstances in a different light, now being
aware of your higher purpose. You realize that in every moment
you are free to choose and that, indeed, you have created those
very options from which to choose.

At all times you are free to stand back and observe your life.

Tap into that silent self deep within and you will find the time you need
and the strength you require to fulfill your life’s purpose with passion.
It is in this inner sanctuary that you come to experience all time as
the present. It is here that the past and the future meet in
one eternal moment you know as now.

It is here that you can create for yourself any reality you truly desire
and know to be for your higher purpose. It is here that you come to
recognize your own unlimited potential and fearless self.

It is in this place that you see all things as possible
and nothing as too difficult to accomplish or face.


In this era of heightened spiritual awareness across the universe,
Marcia Havaris speaks out with a clear voice, exploring thoughts
on many aspects of life. Her writing reaches into the heart with
a gentle invitation to journey to your inner self.

For over 30 years Marcia has offered wisdom & guidance to
people of all ages and walks of life.

A constant desire to help others discover personal wholeness and
realize their dreams has been woven throughout her career as
a Professional Musician, Teacher and Mentor.

"One never knows what mystic spirit dwells behind each human mask.
We should gre
et each other with the same grace we would bring to a meeting with God,
for it is the Eternal Spirit which indwells each human heart and reaches out
to find itself again in another."

Marcia invites you to go within and explore thoughts in the rounded corners of your open mind. Dare to travel
into your heart and ponder what you discover there as you clear the path and make way for mystery and wonder.




Waves of energy dance and play
Thought patterns weave in and out
of the eternal dance.
There is one call - the call to love-
It speaks with many different voices,
drawing unto itself all creation.

Paths cross and sights meet.
Souls know and hearts sing.
This moment is eternity expressed
in one perfect flower in time’s garden.
The rose opens
and embraces all humanity,
one-by- one,
who are drawn by the fragrance
of love.

As the petals fade
and fall to the ground
the essence remains
in the eternal embrace.
And the rose once more unites
with the earth.

The cosmic dance continues -
perfect in its pulsing rhythm.


The Universe is a mosaic.
Each soul looks out
from a tiny fragment of space,
woven together by a thread of time.

All of life ebbs and flows
from within this floating mosaic ~
now in the shadow ~ now full of light ~
now silent ~ now screaming.

Each life weaves in and out
of the lives around it~
always creating a pattern ~
often weaving a web …

Even in dying,
each soul leaves an imprint ~
a constant ripple
in the ocean of humanity ~
never to be recalled.

No two faces are the same,
yet all are connected.
No life is lived apart
from the energy of the whole.

The whole is within each part
and yet sustains all parts.
You are a part of the mosaic, 
yet the mosaic is you.


The winged heart takes flight
upon the breath of night
soaring silently higher than the sky
void of color yet full of light
wings outspread beyond time
riding on Eternity.

The pulsing heart beats
with an endless rhythm
Encompassing all yet feeling nothing.
The wings move more slowly
and the heart pours out its Life
covering the cosmos.

Out of the night comes a tone so pure and clear
A new song, an endless rhythm—
Eternal Love.
The winged heart once again takes flight
having graced us with new Light.

We now soar silently
beyond time into Eternity


The Word, once spoken, becomes form,
infused with Spirit, Breath, and Life.
The Word is Truth, eternally breathing,
filling the void with vibrant nothingness.

The Word is all humanity,
suffering, laughing, living, dying,
the thoughts of many in one mind.

The Word embraces galaxies,
spins through space like an invisible thread
which joins all of creation in one Word—



It is that fire which burns passionately
within the center of our being.
It is where we go to warm our souls
when they have grown cold and weary.

It is where we go to melt our hearts
when they have hardened with disbelief.
It is where we go to re-ignite our flame of hope
when it is almost out.

It is where we go when we hunger for direction
and cannot find our way.
It is where we go when our faith is weak
and all we have is questions.

Go to that fire and trust it to be all that you need it to be.
Know that it is the fire of God’s Holy Spirit
—pure Love
—all Truth.


From whence do you flow into my heart
and bring, with you, your fear-filled vice?

You are neither welcome nor desired.
Depart from me and be expired.

No longer will you rule in me
with a grip as cold as ice.

Your brittle wall
will crumble, all,

In love’s


Take this moment
and live it as you wish.

You are not bound by any law
to live the present
as you lived the past.

Do not lament and say,
“It is too late to change.”

How can it be too late
when NOW is all there is?

Forget the past,
and with courage in your heart,
take up your life

in the fullness of its potential
and dare to live today—
to be who you truly are—
to experience NOW, freely and fully.

You do not need to stay
in your self-made prison
of “same-ness.”

You hold the key
in every choice you make …

Decide now to be free
and the chains will fall off easily.

Walk in your true freedom
and every moment
will become an expression
of your inner divinity.

It is not others which bind us.
We are but bound by our own unbelief.

Know that you are already free
and stop carrying the weight of chains
which are but illusions.

For nothing can bind the Son of God
who is one with God.


Today I will choose peace
above all else.
I will live in harmony with others.

Today I will remain calm.
I will hold silence at my center.

Today I will not worry.
I will trust the universal wisdom.

Today I will not judge anyone
or anything.
I will accept all as it is.

Today I will not hurry.
I will allow my life to unfold gracefully.

Today I will not dwell on self.
I will reach out with vision
towards others.

Today I will not withhold love.
I will choose compassion
as my only response.

Today I will not dwell in fear.
I will remember
that pure love is all there is …

Today I will not question my potential.
I will remember
that I am a powerful, spiritual being.

Today I will live fully in each moment.
I will not be bound
by the illusion of past and future.

Today I will call out to God.
I will find the eternal kingdom
of heaven within my being.

Today I will remember
I am not separate from others.
I will rejoice in my oneness with God
and all of creation.

Today I will be myself, a pure, loving,
divine spirit,
created and sustained by the love of God.


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