Inspired Poems
Inspirational Writings
Poems from
the Heart

Marcia has been writing poetry, prose
and greeting cards since she was twelve.

Words are a beautiful way to express the heart...
they have the power to encourage, heal & inspire, they can
bring a smile to a sad soul and sprinkle humour on a dry heart.

With any 3 random words you think of, Marcia will
spontaneously weave a personalized Poem just for you.

When you request your Poem, Marcia takes your 3 words and goes
deep within herself. There she quietly waits for a couple of minutes,
letting the Poem take form. Once the first line comes to her she starts
to write, and the Poem is created within a short time.

The poem to the right was based on the 3 words:

The inspiration for the poem comes
from YOU... your words,
which provide the energy for the poem.

You can choose any words you like, but
try to allow your mind to select 3 words
randomly with a minimum of effort.

I will work with the words you provide
and create a poem that is
just for you!

Scalliwag, Blue, Curious

Scalliwag or Troubadour
How curious it seems
You dance and sing your silent song
More sweetly in my dreams.
You gently pluck my heartstrings
With your melody of blue
While singing songs of yesteryear
And days of me and you

Love, Truth, Beauty
Each day my life unfolds before me,
Rich with love and colored by beauty.
I look within to find the truth
And feel the strength of my life’s duty.
A wisp of hope is always there
Preparing me for what may appear.
I dream of helping many others
And choose to let go of my fear.
With faith in God to light my way
No hurdle is too high
No fear can darken any day
When God is in my “I”.

Sun, Deck, Old

The old deck stood on wobbly legs
Its face, by time, all worn.
No more could it support the weight
So jovially once borne.

All faded by the sun, its planks,
And weathered by the wind.
No longer did the voices ring
But as memories in the mind.


Penny, Shoe, Sky

While going for a walk one day
A penny I did spy.

It lay before me on the ground
Its gleam did catch my eye.

I kicked the penny with my shoe
And, oh, how it did fly.

I watched it as it disappeared
And spun into the sky.

The sun was shining brightly too
As upward it did soar.

No longer can I see its gleam
The penny is no more.

Lamp. Window. Dog
The lamp was dimly lit that night
Her shoes lay on the floor
The only sound her comeback made
Was a gently closing door

Her thoughts had wandered sadly
As she walked the streets of town
Her eyes grew tired of searching
As no sign of him she found

With heavy heart she went to bed
But her sleep was ended soon
When in her dream she heard
A gentle whining 'neath the moon

A scratching at her window came
So clearly through her sleep
And suddenly she sat straight up
And took a giant leap

Her heart was pounding as she ran
Down to her closed front door
And there he sat, her precious dog,
She thought she'd see no more

Now brightly shines the light of love
'Round girl and dog once more
Hope returned the night she found
Him sitting at her door


Cold, Paper, Table

The old man sat, no longer straight
His wrinkled face a story told
The faded sweater on his back
Too thread-bare to keep out the cold

In his wrinkled hands so frail
He held a paper, thin and worn
The tape had yellowed now from age
Where once the paper had been torn

His eyes, once bright and full of life
Now seemed to only stare
His once strong arms lay thin and weak
Upon the table bare

His memory once sharp and clear
Had faded now with age
His thoughts lay scattered, torn and bent
Just like the yellowed page

Time had taken all his days
His life played upon a stage
All that remained of years gone by
Was a tattered, wrinkled page

Feather. Low. Months

For many months the bird had flown
Across mountains, land and seas
Its wings outstretched, and all alone
It soared with graceful ease.

It felt a call and flew on still
As winter winds did blow
Further south and warmer now
It started to fly low.

I saw it as it soared and swooped
And came to rest at last
Upon the warm and sandy beach
Beside the ocean, vast.

It preened each feather, snowy white
While resting on the sand
Then quickly ate the scraps of food
I tossed out with my hand.

It gathered up the bits of food
So quickly with its beak
Its dark, round eyes looked into mine
No need for it to speak

Together on the beach we sat
Both girl and bird alone
Knowing that the here and now
Would be our only home

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