Inspired Poems
Inspirational Writings
Poems from
the Heart

Inspired Writings for You... or as an Inspirational Gift for Someone You Know...

When you request a personalized Inspirational Writing,
Marcia chats with you a couple of minutes to connect with your energy
(if a phone/skype conversation is not feasible, e-mail is fine) .

Then using your first name, she will write an inspired message...

When your message is complete,
Marcia will send it to you by e-mail.

Each message is completely original and specifically for you.

We believe that deep within each of us, we can access the Source of our being.

When you request an inspired writing, Marcia takes time to quiet herself,
to meditate upon your name, your voice, or what you have expressed to her then she
listens in the quiet for a message specifically for you and writes that down.

These inspired thoughts come from a heart of Love and Compassion with the desire for
each person to experience encouragement, light, healing, and love.

Contact Marcia

Phone / WhatsApp: (+1) 519-872-4448