So insignificant for us... So life-saving for them.

I find it difficult to imagine not having any food.

I don't just mean not having "what we want to eat when we want it"...
(like, "DARN !! we only have butter pecan ice cream, and I really wanted chocolate ripple)

I mean having NO FOOD at all in the house.

Nothing to give the kids for breakfast,
Nothing to send with them for lunch,

Nothing in the fridge,
Nothing in the cupboard,

No money to buy any food, and
No way to get anywhere even if there was.

That's what I mean by "not having food".

In 2000, I organized & participated in a prototype coast-to-coast cross-continent bicycle
Ride for Hunger through the 2 Mountain Ranges & Central Valley of Costa Rica to raise
funds for healthy meal programs programs for Hungry Kids and Their Families,
a vision that continues to be realized to the present day...

Since 2000, this same vision has been continued through a privately-funded micro-program
I have continued to operate for providing weekly food boxes to hungry families.


Each week, we first go to the farmer's market and buy (in volume) fruits & vegetables

Don Carlos has been helping us for many years, filling duffle bags with
lettuce (now dozens of heads/week!) cucumbers, chayote, and (when in season) sweet peppers.
He never takes half of the wholesale value of his produce... and often donates bags of extra, so folks have "plenty".

Francisco helps us by buying potatoes, carrots & onions (by the sack) at the wholesalers market
and passing them on to us at his same cost.

Gerardo supplies us with the largest quantity of produce for the boxes... pineapple, yucca, platano, sweet oranges,
malanga (a member of the "tikisque" family of root vegetables), ayote (squash), lemons, and green bananas.
He always gives us up to 50% price discounts, and frequently donates a couple of entire bags.
Gerardo always says "I want to do more", and every week he does...

Each box includes:



(All items subject to availability, in season * Asterisk indicates interchangeable items)

We buy basic Dry Goods in bulk...

A bag of Rice (and Beans, when possible) and/or a package of Pasta...

A package of Soda Crackers, and a Fruit Drink mix

A roll of Toilet Paper and a bar of Soap

(Try having your entire family live together happily for a week without those little luxuries!)
The boxes are assembled

ready for delivery...

Some of the food boxes are delivered directly to the families, and others are taken to local
"drop-off" points where the needy families come by to pick them up during the course of the day.


The families we support are NOT rural inhabitants living in grass huts & who urgently
require healthcare and other critical survival necessities (a different, and significant, need)
NOR are they indigents living in the streets and eating out of garbage cans
(we're also involved in programs to provide those folks with food & clothing, etc.*)

Our program sources and supports regular poor local families who simply can't make ends meet.

These families may live in simple houses made of wood or concrete, and in some cases sheet metal.
They likely have running water & electricity, but are often without one or both for unpaid utility bills.

Situations range from single parents (working/non-working) with several children, to couples with
extended families including children and parents, to senior citizens living on their own,
and even some "normal" folk just passing through a very difficult time.

Beyond obvious reasonable considerations (not giving a food box to a drug addict on the street*),
we do not judge a person or family's situation, rather see and respond to a basic need for survival,

What do Angels have to do with it?

There is a big connection between Angels and this program...
To begin with, when one regularly takes food to a
hungry family, one starts to feel a special sense of
purpose, something bigger than ourselves, that we
are participating in an "angelic mission".

On more than one occasion, people have made the
comment "You people are angels", which we of
course take as the statement of appreciation it is
(we are NOT under the illusion we are special celestial beings,
but we ARE clear that we are answering a "higher calling")

However, the real Angels in this project are the
many silent partners who make it possible...

* Food suppliers like Carlos, Francisco, Gerardo & many others who give us their cost prices every week + donate kilos of product

* My wife Maricela, who sacrifices of her time, energy, and money
every week to organize the entire project start to finish, making
sure dozens of hungry families get fed for the next week!

* Many others who in small or big ways (every little bit counts!)
have selflessly shared our vision, and made it possible to give a
piece of heaven to a hungry family through a simple box of food.

On 09/09/09 (9 Sept 2009, the day of the child)
we increased our weekly food box distribution to
81 (9 x 9) families, and by the end of 2011,
were distributing over 90 boxes weekly

A lot of fun just for being an Angel!

There is so much need...

In addition to our weekly food box program to hungry families,
we are involved in a number of initiatives to provide
food & clothing daily to indigent street people.

"there but for the Grace of God go I"...

The Missionary Association "Club de Paz" ministers to the homeless of San José year round...

with daily access to showers, a clean change of clothes,
and a soup kitchen where street folks can have a hot meal...

We provide fresh fruits & vegetables weekly to supplement this vital mission...

Also, we participate annually with our friends at Club de Paz in sponsoring & serving
a beautiful Christmas Dinner & Celebration to up to 300 or more street people in the
side patio of San José's Central Cathedral.

Below are some memories of the 2008, 2009 & 2010 events...

Preparations include setting up the food tables, tents, tables & chairs, music & sound system...

We extend our sincere appreciation to the management & staff of Banco Popular who so
generously contribute of their time & resources to make the event possible every year!

The guests of honour arrive, and respectfully wait for the program (& dinner!) to begin

while the volunteer team makes sure
everybody is comfortably seated...

Blessings and Special Greetings
are given by Honoured Guests
who are known and loved by
all in attendance...

Dinner is served!

Everybody enjoyed beautiful
Christmas and Typical Music
during the entire event

"Behind the scenes"... a few of the faces who made this event possible

The Story of the Fisher King

It begins with the king as a boy, having to spend the night alone in the forest
to prove his courage so he can become king.

Now while he is spending the night alone he's visited by a sacred vision.
Out of the fire appears the holy grail, symbol of God's divine grace.
And a voice said to the boy,
"You shall be keeper of the grail so that it may heal the hearts of men."

But the boy was blinded by greater visions of a life filled with power and glory and beauty.
And in this state of radical amazement he felt for a brief moment not like a boy,
but invincible, like God,
... so he reached into the fire to take the grail, ... and the grail vanished,
... leaving him with his hand in the fire to be terribly wounded.

Now as this boy grew older, his wound grew deeper, until one day, life for him lost its reason...
He had no faith in any man, not even himself... He couldn't love or feel loved...
He was sick with experience.
He began to die.

One day a fool wandered into the castle and found the king alone.
And being a fool, he was simple minded, he didn't see a king.
He only saw a man alone and in pain.
And he asked the king, "What ails you friend?"

The king replied, "I'm thirsty. I need some water to cool my throat".

So the fool took a cup from beside his bed, filled it with water and handed it to the king.

As the king began to drink, he realized his wound was healed.
He looked in his hands and there was the holy grail, that which he sought all of his life.

He turned to the fool and said with amazement,
"How can you find that which my brightest and bravest could not?"

The fool replied, "I don't know. I only knew that you were thirsty."